Extremely fun Glamour Bard Character Concept

Extremely fun Glamour Bard Character Concept - Dungeon Grand Master

Character Name: Silk

Class: Bard

Subclass: Glamour

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (chaotic is preferred)

Background: Entertainer

Stats: 8 Str, 16 Dex, 14 Con, 8 Int, 10 Wis, 16 Char

Feats: Whatever you like

Spells: She bites with her words by using high pitch screams. Pick something appropriate for flavor.

Apparel Match: Heavy Metal Bard T-Shirt

Character Information:

Silk is the lead singer and guitar/lute player for the heavy metal band The Black Widows. Your voice can reach the heavens as you yell out the lyrics to your new hit single Screams of the Harpy or when intimidating an enemy. You’re always looking for a stage to jam out on and earn some extra fame and money. As a glamour bard, you don’t like to get dirty so you step around puddles and don’t like dungeons. Staying clean and darkly glamorous is great fun!

Talk to your DM about how famous this character is or could become in your setting. This could unlock even more fun role-play opportunities.

I played this character and had a blast. You can customize the idea so there are tons of options. Have fun with this one. She ended up being an extremely powerful character to the DM's shagrin. If you play this character, contact me at I would love to know how it went. Check back for more character concepts and shirt pairings. You can get the Dungeon GrandMaster Heavy Metal Bard shirt and rock your game here.