About Us

At Dungeon GrandMaster® it is our mission to bring you the best possible role-playing gaming apparel and accessories on the planet. The role-playing game t-shirt is our specialty. We want you to look and feel good while wearing our gaming shirts.

This is the kind of RPG t-shirt you cherish. This shirt becomes your favorite, and you can't wait to put it on after a long day at work. This is your uniform when it's time to relax and game. This is a Dungeon GrandMaster® T-shirt.

Dungeon GrandMaster® is a local Wisconsin company formed in the backyard of D&D founder Gary Gygax's hometown. As the owner of the company, I guarantee you will love your shirt or your money back. For gamers by a gamer.

See and feel the Dungeon GrandMaster® difference now.